Past Schtumm.... Acts from Across the World

Schtumm.... Timeline


February: Skip Little Axe McDonald        Nicole Fermie

March: Avon Delta Blues Project

May: Low Flames     Katey Brookes

June: JuJu

July: Ali George   The Southpaw Quartet

August: Tina Houdini + Colleen Hixenbaugh

September: Asere

October: Jake Morely

November: Beth Porter & The Availables        Recode
December: The First Christmas Jamboree



January: Beth Porter & The Availables  

February: The People String Foundation     Port Erin

March: WhatFlag    Gareth Hale

April: The Flamenco Thief     Alice Offley

May:  Largo Embargo      Dr Elephonte

June:  Stevie Jo Dooley     Dexter Selboy

July: East Africa United (Ayub, Geoffry Oryema)

September:  Jennifer Crook Trio      Andrew Cresswell Davis Trio     Kindred

October: Reg Mueross    TJ Norton

November: Shelley Orphan   Adam Rose

December: The Second Christmas Jamboree



January: Tula Tula Piknik Orkestra

February: Peyote      UKO    (Russell Swallow)

March: Chris Pattermore      The Cadbury Sisters

April: Suzy Condrad   Hip Route

May:  State of Emergency + Katey Brooks

June: Dub Collosus  Suzy Condrad

July: Joseph Arthur   The Letters    Kyle   Waitress for the Bees

August: Steve Marshall    Molly Ross   TurnPike Glow

September: Jake Morely    Shelley Orphan

October: The Uke Junkies    DubSouls       SoHam

November:  Flamenco Thief     N’faly Kouyate     Absentees

December: The Third Christmas Jamboree

December Xtra: Kevin Brown Trio



January: The Layers     Carrianne Hayden

February: GoldRay    Joseph Chowles

March:  Secret from Richard     Phoenix Club

May: Swallow & The Wolf    Plain Portrait

June: Amadou Diagne Group Yakar    Loren Ray

July: Dub Collosus (Womad Warm Up)

August: Jama (Cuban Band) Marshall Patten Whitefield

September: Adam Masterson     Papam Faya (The PFP) (Geoffrey Oryema's Son)

October: Jennifer Crook  (Carnforth Station Night)

November: Nuala Honan    Soul Club Vienna

December: The Fourth Christmas Jamboree



January: The People String Foundation     Barney Morse Brown ( Duotone)

February: INU    Xogara

March: Boat to Row      Dexter Selboy and The Shonky Trio

April:  Amadou

May:  Beth Porter & The Availables    Carmina

June: Caravaggio    Francesco Piu    Xianne

June Xtra: Pippa Marland

July:  Skip Mcdonald  Charlie Williams

August:  Flowerpot    The Drystones

August Xtra: Geoffrey Oryema

September: Pete Williams Band (Dexy’s Midnight Runners)   Polar Front

October: Judy Dyble & The Band of Perfect Strangers ( Fairport Convention) Rasha Nahas

November: PerKelt    The Little Unsaid     Brent Jones

November Xtra: David Celia    Marla

December: The Fifth Christmas Jamboree

December Xtra: Teresa Mascinia



January: Soberson   Amie K

March: Ali George  Ruby Brown     The Journey Man


Night 1: Avon Delta Blues Band   & Gareth Hale

Night 2: Avon Delta Blues Band   & Gold Ray

May:  Keegan Macinroe      Azhaar Saffar Global Wave

June: Walter Kellerman & Friends     Nkomba    Phil King

July:  After Aura     The Little Unsaid

August: Joni Fuller     Emily Maguire

September:  Captain of the Lost Waves     Russell Swallow

October: Jet Luckhurst     WhatFlag

December:  The Sixth Christmas Jamboree

December Xtra: Shack Dusters


January:   My Style     The Black Feathers

February:  The Epstein     Temple Cartel

March: Arcadia Roots    Saskia Maxwell

April: The LM Project     Littlemen

May:  Kat & Co    Duotone

May Xtra:    Denny Bonnet    Edward Rogers

June:  Nkomba   Rik Van Der Bosch

June Xtra:   Rasha Nahas   Glastonbury Warm Up

July: Thieves of Time     

August: Circe’s Diner    The Duckworths

August Xtra: N’faly Kouyate
September: DLM   Dilshad Khan

October: Jennifer Crook Trio   Tom Forbes

November Xtra: Michelle Lewis    Meghan Burt

November: Pete Williams Duo   Steve Degutis

December: The Seventh Christmas Jamboree



January: BlueDog    Will Lawton Duo

February: Pleasures of the Damned    Platform 1

March:  Dave Onions   Sinnober

April: An Evening with Nasha (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)    Gareth Hale

May: Gypsy fingers    The Blood Choir     After Aura

June Xtra: The LM Project    FORQ

June:  Summer Jamboree & Workshop

July: Haji Mike & The Highgate Rockers    Phil King

August: Ali George & Tom Allen    Adam Masterson

September: Scott Lavene    Jayson Norris

October: Pi Jacobs    Gasoline & Matches

November Xtra: Chartwell Dutiro  Mystic Mbira

November: The Bonfire Radicals    Floatstone

December: The Eight Schtumm Jamboree



January: Furlined   Circe’s Diner

February (March 1st) Bartoune   Zackie Chan

March Xtra: Shaun Martin Trio

March: Phil Cooper & The Slight Band     The Highpoints

April Xtra: Vinny Peculiar, Simon Love,  Rogers & Butler

April: Sannie Fox    Silas & Saski  (Ozric Tentacles)

May: Azhaar Global Wave    Marcus Corbett Nitin Gaikwad

SCHTUMM OPEN MIC 3rd SUNDAY OF THE MONTH from this point onwards!

June: Duotone     Julia Othmer

July: Womad Warm Up Secret Act

August Xtra: The People String Foundation

August Xtra: Amie K   &  Becky Lawrence

August: Matt Owens (Noah and the Whale) & Liam O Malonai (The Hothouse Flowers)

September: Emily Breeze & Hip Route

October: Charlie & Jake  + Isaac Birituro and The Rain Abandon

November Schtumm Xtra: Sarah McQuaid

November Schtumm Xtra: Lady Nade + Dexter Selboy and the Shonky Trio

November: Louisa Maria + Cut Throat Francis

December: The Schtumm…. Jamboree



January Schtumm Xtra: Will Lawton & The Alchemists

January: Hegemono + She Robot

February: Mesadorm + Jacob & Drinkwater

March Schtumm Xtra: Credo

March Schtumm Xtra: Radio Banska

Covid Schtumm.... Outdoor Gigs
August: Kevin Brown & The Shackdusters

August: The Lost Trades

September: Septabeat & Boundless Brothers

September: LightGarden

September: Lee Broderick & Bryony Siers

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