Want to play at Schtumm....?

Schtumm.... has been running for over 10 years and has provided a stage for all musicians to perform in front of a listening audience, to earn 100% of the ticket fee and sell their merchandise to enable them to make money and to continue making original music.

The venue is held in the grounds of The Queens Head in Box, near Bath, which has supported all types of music for over 20 years. The venue makes what it can from drink sales only and provides full backline and the stages.

The venue has an outdoor capacity of 60 seated and 40 standing, a marquee capacity of 45 seated and there is also a smaller indoor space of 35 seated.


Many of the events sell at £10 a ticket but it is completely up to the musicians what they wish to charge. We have had artists who have sold out the indoor and marquee spaces at £20 - £25 a ticket in the past. 

Schtumm.... also streams and records each show at the artist's discretion and can provide the footage and stems for their own promotion. 

There's no catch here, the Schtumm....team work voluntarily to make this happen because of our passion for live, original music. 

Our only caveat is that between us and the artist, we can sell 30 tickets in advance to enable yourselves to make some money and not risk the venue running at a loss. 

If you're interested then please contact us directly schtummpresents@gmail.com or using the form below with the following information:

  • Band / Artist Name

  • Band Instruments, Number on Stage

  • Short Bio

  • Links to Live Footage

  • Links to Promotional Music Videos

  • Do you think you can sell 20 (indoor) or 30 (outdoor) advance tickets? Yes/No

If so, you are welcome to have the stage to yourselves for the evening/afternoon! This way you get 100% of the ticket money.

  • Are you a new act building up your audience/fan base? Yes/No

If so, you can be teamed up with other acts for an evening. Please be aware that the ticket fee gets split between the acts evenly, so for an audience size of 30 you would expect £150.00 per act on a £10 ticket fee. Advance ticket sales still need to happen with this option but in theory, with two acts promoting, you should be able to make the sales.

With Schtumm.... the artists, the venue and our volunteers work together to make it happen. Please be aware that as we all have other jobs, it may take some time to get back to you. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Schtumm.... very soon!


Future Schtumm.... artist?  Please provide links to your high quality live material and your availability.

Thanks for submitting!