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Happy New Year!

We've got some wonderful acts lined up at Schtumm.... Presents this year as well as some fabulous returning artists at Schtumm.... Xtra!

We know times aren't great financially for audience members or musicians. This year we'll be working directly from our website. You can book your free seat in advance and pay cash on the door which, as always, goes directly to the musicians.

Please spread the word to help us increase our audience members.

Many grassroots music venues and even well established venues such as Moles in Bath are closing their doors due to ever increasing running costs and dwindling audience attendance. At Schtumm, we've been able to keep going due to the volunteer work and generosity of The Queens Head with their venue space, lighting, sound and staging equipment.

We know our slogan has been "It's so good, you'll want to keep it to yourself" for many years but now is the time for you to shout loud and proud please!!

Here's what's coming up soon!

January Schtumm.... Presents

About the event

Careful Spider

Serving melodic drone, shimmering spacepop and psychedelic post-rock in Stroud and beyond.

South West Hotel

Addictive, spell bounding shoegaze from this Devon based band.

February Schtumm.... Presents

About the event

DG Solaris

DG Solaris is the project of musician Danny Green. He was raised in the wilds of West Yorkshire and began writing songs at 13. Gradually, he developed the confidence to make songwriting the central feature of his life. Between 2008-2018, he released music under the name Laish, delivering four albums of wry, eccentric guitar pop. In 2020, he released his first as DG Solaris, a psychedelic pop album called, ‘Spirit Glow’. 2021 saw a host of new singles released and a new Youtube series of intimate live recordings and collaborations with musical friends called, 'Songs from the Blue Room'. In 2021 he founded Night River, a music promotions company based in Frome specialising in bringing the finest songwriters to the most intimate spaces.

Courting Ghosts

Described as combining acoustic and folk music with the occasional Rock and Jazz edge, Courting Ghosts put melody at the very centre of the songs they write, whether that's in their wide open acoustic ballads or their more up-tempo driving songs.

Hailing from South West England, long time friends and song writing partners Chris Hoar, lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Marcel Rose, lead guitar, are joined by Dave Turner on keyboards, Andy Maggs on bass and Tim Watts on drums.

March Schtumm.... Presents

About the event

Moonlit Poachers

Rarely seen during the day, The Moonlit Poachers are a mysterious bunch. When they're not snatching a trout, snaring a hare or netting a rabbit, they're making some of the sweetest, most soulful, folk music this side of the sunset. Having just released their third studio album Carnival End, The Moonlit Poachers' sound and reputation continues to develop. They have played festivals such as How The Light Gets In and regularly perform around the South West. The Korgis described their most recent album as ‘ A bit like the Beautiful South but more earthy, really great’. 

Jake Puntis

A sensational solo acoustic guitar instrumentalist from the New Forest in Hampshire.

His music is heavily inspired by artists such as Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, Eric Roche and Andy Mckee.

His first release ‘Muscaria’ has taken a long time to craft and is now ready to make it's journey around the world. Recorded in half a day with no overdubs, it is an accurate reflection of the intensity of his live performance.

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